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Let’s make the world less uncertain.

At Melange, we are building prediction markets that let people trade on the outcomes of future events. Most people have never heard of prediction markets, but they are the most accurate tool humanity has ever devised for predicting the future, and will rank among the most impactful technologies of our generation.

Prediction markets have the capacity to answer the great uncertainties of life. When will cannabis be federally legalized? Will my company announce layoffs by the end of the year? What are the odds my favorite film wins the Academy Awards? Pundits debate these questions ad-nauseum, but in a market, people are punished when they are wrong and paid when they are right.

In equities, commodities, debt, and currencies, highly-liquid markets play an invisible but ubiquitous role in our daily lives. At Melange, we believe it is only a matter of time before prediction markets too comprise the basic infrastructure of life in modern society, redefining our relationship to the future just as the weather app on our phone redefines our relationship to rain.

We need visionary exchange operators and unstoppable will. To this end, in 2023, we are launching a regulated consumer-social application with novel topics, intuitive design, and proprietary auction-based market structures that increase liquidity on traditionally thin markets.